terça-feira, 3 de abril de 2012

Dear José

You have changed my life
With you everything is bright!
The ladies are pretty
The guys are all fit
I can dance like Michael
Feel the beat on my feet
First shot: Let's scream loud
And get one more down!
The second ist great.
But bring more, its late!
The third are how awsome
Te Quila, Te amo.
Ich spreche jetzt Deutsch,
Français, Português,
Alles ist sehr easy.
When you're a bit tispy.
Four, five, six or seven?
I guess I lost count
I just know my head
Is spinnig around!
I sleep on a matress
Wake up on a chair
Are those my lips hurting?
Is that a scratched knee?
What the fuck is passiert?
I guess I won't know
I only have fotos
But josé knows it all.

By: Daniela Ochoa, Emille Reckia and Daniel Campaner

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